OEM, automotive and machinery industry


Scale models are simply the best marketing tool. Even in times of  social media, the scaled reproduction of your product cannot be compared. It is real and haptic. You can place it in front of your customer and hand over as present.


A clear strategy is the base of the efficient use of scale models for your company marketing. You have to plan and handle them differently than all other marketing tools.


We can offer you the full service on all your scale models projects. Choosing the right machine, documenting it, ,production to highest standards and full-scale logistic, we make every model project a success for you. Together with well-known manufacturers and our own production facilities we can cater to your every need.



Everything from a one-off to small series to high quantities is our business. From museum piece to simple give-away we can offer the full range portfolio to effectively support your company.


transport companies, vehicle owners

a scale model of your vehicle? no, problem, talk to us! Anniversaries, open house, retirement gift, customer event, Truckshow.... what ever the event, nothing shows your business better than a scale models of your vehicle or machine. Create a fan-base for you company. Let us show you how to make scale models change from cost factor to profit center


Together we will find a way to make your scale model needs meet your requirements and your budget.


scale model manufacturers

We do project research for  several large scale models manufacturers. We take care of the full documentation so that your customers and collectors can enjoy a perfect result down to the last details. Try us, with our year long experience, we can help you optimize your product portfolio.


We have taken over the sales, distribution and logistics for several small custom model manufacturers. We plan to further widen this segemtn in the near future. If you are a producer of accessories, kits or small run products, dont hesitate to contact us.